The Runner Chronicles: Conversations with a teenage runner

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I’ve been pretty excited to interview this next runner for a few months now. I gave birth to her 17 years ago and like any proud mom, I knew from day one that she was something special. She is persistent and she is stubborn, but she has always given 110% in everything that she has ever done whether it was jumping a rope, reading a book, or putting a basketball in a hoop.

It is my pleasure to give you my interview with Elizabethtown High School track and cross country runner, Isabella (Izzy) Galvez:

When did you start running, and why?

I ran in Elementary school but quit in middle school to play basketball. I started running again in July 2015.  I decided to join the high school cross country team to spend more time with my boyfriend, Kaleb…(bad idea).  

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a runner?

As a runner, I face many challenges, like the feeling that maybe I’ve peaked in performance and I also struggle with losing motivation just like anyone else. 

Early in this track season we discovered that I had an iron deficiency that was causing some performance barriers. One of the challenges I have now is finding foods with the appropriate amount of iron for my daily needs. I know now that I always have to be aware of my iron levels so I can stay uninjured.  I know of a lot of runners that struggle with injuries related to low iron levels. 

What have you learned the most from your coaches in the two years you’ve been with them?

I’ve learned how to properly train for particular races. They also enforce “running your own race” and not worrying about how everyone else is running. 

Who are some of your favorite runners?

My favorite runners are: Nellke Van Zandvoort (a Dutch track middle distance athlete).  I like Colleen Quigley (an Olympic steeple chase runner), and Emma Coburn (a 2x Olympian steeple chase runner and American record holder). I follow them on Instagram to stay inspired. 

Please share with us an important lesson that you’ve learned that could help any runner.

One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned is that you can’t get to your goal over night or even in a week. It takes months or even years to build up to a certain goal. To get faster it takes consistency and keeping yourself healthy. 

What do you do on a daily basis that helps you reach your goals?

I do a variety of workouts that include: strength training, sprints, longer runs, and easy runs. Doing a variety works different parts of your body like your slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers, your heart, and your core. 

What drives you?

That’s simple: Brownies


Payneville Elementary School days
Damon and Izzy- 2016 Cross Country season
Izzy- 2017 2A Kentucky Regional Meet in Bardstown


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