me and Kelly Berry-aka Team Ultra Thirsty
Sodico’s better half- Ragnar Fort Knox 2016
BYC 2016 team winners Ben Wolff and Chad Youngblood
Me and Dave and Robin Ringenary with our signature post race beverages
raise them up right 🙂
possibly my favorite place on earth–Otter Creek Park
Trying to get away from people at the Rugged Red 2014
me and my dad 2015
me and Ben Bryan at the first Backyard Classic in 2015
me at our first Backyard Classic when we still had the chalkboard
10 miles into my first ultra marathon
the best 2 people that ever lived


2014 Sodico team at Ragnar West Virginia
2017 Bear Bait Ultras


Eagle Creek Marathon 2013 and my first marathon podium finish
Our first Bourbon Chase as a couple 2013
taking off at at the Stump Jump 50k 2013
dad and Carissa
me, my sisters, my nephew, and our dad 2015
hospital shenanigans